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Here's an interesting fact!

California is fortunate to be home to approximately thirty percent of all U.S. life sciences companies with more than five hundred in the San Diego region. The life sciences industry in CA employs more people than the entertainment industry and employs 1.5% of San Diegans. The life science industry uses biotechnology skills.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is simply defined as using living things (Bio) to make products useful to humans (technology). While using biological systems to make useful products is not new (think cheese and bread), the discoveries of the 1960's and 1970's led to the ability to 'tinker' with cellular machinery to produce products never before imaginable.

Biotechnology students

The Life Sciences Industry: What is it?

The life science industry needs skilled workers in biotechnology related laboratory procedures. These skills are applied to a number of diverse companies including:

  • Pharmaceuticals: New Vaccines, Targeted Anti-cancer drugs
  • Biologics: Replacement hormones such as Human Insulin
  • Diagnostics: Detection kits for pregnancy, Forensic Sciences
  • Agriculture: Frost-and-disease-resistant crops

Miramar College is home of the Southern California Biotechnology Center. For more information about the center, please click on this link:

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